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Utilisima is full of cooking and cost-saving ideas for the family in November

New York, Buenos Aires, October 26, 2012 ― Utilísima, the Spanish-language lifestyle channel, brings exciting news in November to cooking enthusiasts and those looking to save a little money at home. The network brings the third season of Utilisima’s reality cooking show “COCINEROS AL LIMITE” featuring journalist, model and TV host Candela Ferro and actor Jean Paul Leroux and introduces viewers to a new show called “ITALIANISIMO” where renowned chef Donato Di Santis takes viewers on a historical tour of Italy to discover new products and authentic Italian recipes. For viewers looking for cooking ideas, Utilisima will also bring viewers special themed programing for Thanksgiving and for those who want to save some money, the network will share ideas on how they can shave-off costs around the home. 

Starting on Monday, Nov. 5 at 12 pm ET/PT. Utilisima will kick-off a month-long series on how to SAVE MONEY around the home to get ready for the holidays. Whether you are saving for a holiday family vacation or to get everything in your Christmas shopping list without going broke, Utilisima will show viewers how little things can make an impact on the wallet. This month, Utilisima has pored over previous episodes of everyone’s favorite shows such as “TIENDA DE DISEÑO,” “LUZ EN CASA” and “SABORES DE FAMILIA” to showcase those that are the most wallet-friendly. For example, viewers will learn how to save on groceries and preparing cost-saving but delicious meals, recycle and breathe new life to home items no longer used, craft cost-effective gifts for the holidays and home repair. 

On Sunday, Nov. 11 at 10 pm ET/PT, renowned chef, Donato De Santis, takes viewers back in time to beautiful Italy with “ITALIANISIMO.” Throughout thirteen episodes, De Santis educates viewers about Italy’s rich history and cuisine and shares the secrets to creating authentic dishes. In each thirty-minute episode, De Santis presents the ingredients needed in Italian cuisine and gives viewers step-by-step instruction to create both simple and traditional dishes. De Santis will open each episode with the ingredient of the day and gives shopping tips for purchasing the best regional products. After selecting the most important ingredients, De Santis takes viewers through the cooking process from kitchen to table. 

On Monday, Nov. 12 at 6 pm ET/PT, Utilisima kicks-off its THANKSGIVING celebration with a series focused on this topic. Benito and Solange, along with other favorite Utilisima personalities, will get together to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for friends and family. Starting at 1pm ET/10 am PT on Thursday, Nov. 22, Utilisima will play all five episodes back-to-back. 

Later in the month on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 9 pm ET/PT, Candela Ferro and Jean Paul Leroux kick-off “COCINEROS AL LIMITE” with sixteen new participants who will compete to become Utilisima’s newest “Celebrity Chef.” The international competitors, made up of chefs from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina will be separated into two teams led by renowned chefs Benito Molina and Simón Bühler. Together, they will undergo thirteen challenges but at the end, only one will be the winner. The prize: host the cooking show “3 MINUTOS” with a well-known Utilisima chef. 

Becoming the winner won’t be an easy task. During each challenge, competitors will also be judged on quality, innovation and creativity—all key aspects needed to become an ideal chef. In this new season made up of thirteen, sixty-minute episodes, the judging will be led by Silvia Gast and Daniel Castaño and feature guest judges that will include renowned international chefs such as Aquiles Chávez, Narda Lepes, Lorena Garcia, Flavio Solorzano, Donato De Santis and Mario Pagan. 

The third season of “COCINEROS AL LIMITE” airs every Sunday at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) 

The new show “ITALIANISIMO” airs every Sunday at 10:00 PM (ET/PT)
Special programming to save for the holidays will air Monday through Friday at 12 PM (ET/PT) 

Thanksgiving Week Special will air Monday, Nov. 12 through Friday, Nov. 16 at 6 PM (ET/PT), followed by a Thanksgiving Marathon on Thursday, Nov. 22 starting at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT 

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About Utilísima
Created in 1996, Utilísima offers 24 hours of Spanish lifestyle programming especially oriented to women. Utilísima is one of the largest producers of Television and Internet Spanish lifestyle content producing over 1,200 hours every year. One of Latin America’s dominant entertainment destinations for women, Utilísima’s programming spans across Food, Arts & Crafts, Home Improvement, Health & Beauty and Parenting. As a unit of Fox International Channels since 2007, Utilísima is distributed across Latin America, United States, Canada, Spain, and the Balkans.

SOURCE: Utilísima

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